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1 The   PMIP3 Simulated Climate Changes over Arid Central Asia during the   Mid-Holocene and Last Glacial Maximum ACTA   GEOLOGICA SINICA-ENGLISH EDITION 2020,   94(3):725-742 Xu   Hongna; Wang Tao; Wang Huijun; Miao Jiapeng; Chen Jianhui; Chen Shengqian
2 Wave-Breaking   Features of Blocking over Central Siberia and Its Impacts on the   Precipitation Trend over Southeastern Lake Baikal ADVANCES   IN ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES 2020,   37(1):75-89 Chyi,   Dorina; Xie, Zuowei; Shi, Ning; Guo, Pinwen; Wang, Huijun
3 Does   CMIP6 Inspire More Confidence in Simulating Climate Extremes over China? ADVANCES   IN ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES 2020,   37(10):1119-1132 Zhu,   Huanhuan; Jiang, Zhihong; Li, Juan; Li, Wei; Sun, Cenxiao; Li, Laurent
4 Characteristics   of the Outer Rainband Stratiform Sector in Numerically Simulated Tropical   Cyclones: Lower-Layer Shear versus Upper-Layer Shear ADVANCES   IN ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES 2020,   37(4):399-419 Gao,   Qi; Li, Qingqing; Dai, Yufan
5 Relationship   between Solar Wind-Magnetosphere Energy and Eurasian Winter Cold Events ADVANCES   IN ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES 2020,   37(6):652-661 Xu,   Xinping; He, Shengping; Wang, Huijun
6 Simulation   of Extreme Updrafts in the Tropical Cyclone Eyewall ADVANCES   IN ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES 2020,   37(7):781-792 Zheng,   Yan; Wu, Liguang; Zhao, Haikun; Zhou, Xingyang; Liu, Qingyuan
7 Insights   into Convective-scale Predictability in East China: Error Growth Dynamics and   Associated Impact on Precipitation of Warm-Season Convective Events ADVANCES   IN ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES 2020,   37(8):893-911 Zhuang,   Xiaoran; Min, Jinzhong; Zhang, Liu; Wang, Shizhang; Wu, Naigeng; Zhu, Haonan
8 Evaluation   of Two Initialization Schemes for Simulating the Rapid Intensification of   Typhoon Lekima (2019) ADVANCES   IN ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES 2020,   37(9):987-1006 Shi,   Donglei; Chen, Guanghua; Wang, Ke; Bi, Xinxin; Chen, Kexin
9 Sources   of Subseasonal Prediction Skill for Heatwaves over the Yangtze River Basin   Revealed from Three S2S Models ADVANCES   IN ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES 2020 Xie,   Jiehong; Yu, Jinhua; Chen, Haishan; Hsu, Pang-Chi
10 Projection   of residential and commercial electricity consumption under SSPs in Jiangsu   province, China ADVANCES   IN CLIMATE CHANGE RESEARCH 2020,   11(2):131-140 Zhang   Mi; Cheng Chin-Hsien; Ma Hong-Yun
11 Seasonal   and Regional Variability of Long-Wave Effective Radiation in China and   Associated Modulating Factors ADVANCES   IN METEOROLOGY 2020 Ma,   Qianrong; Zhang, Jie; Gu, Yu; Ma, Yujun; Cao, Yu
12 Impact   of Stochastically Perturbed Terminal Velocities on Convective-Scale Ensemble   Forecasts of Precipitation ADVANCES   IN METEOROLOGY 2020 Wang,   Shizhang; Qiao, Xiaoshi; Min, Jinzhong
13 Synergy   Effects of the Indian Summer Monsoon and the Tibetan Plateau Heating on   Summer Rainfall over North China ADVANCES   IN METEOROLOGY 2020 Zhao,   Siwen; Zhang, Jie; Lv, Zhihong
14 Evaluation   and Error Correction of the ECMWF Subseasonal Precipitation Forecast over   Eastern China during Summer ADVANCES   IN METEOROLOGY 2020 He,   Huanran; Yao, Suxiang; Huang, Anning; Gong, Kejian
15 Characteristics   of Volatile Organic Compounds in Nanjing and Suzhou, Two Urban Sites in the   Yangtze River Delta, China ARCHIVES   OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONTAMINATION AND TOXICOLOGY 2020,   78(3):416-429 An,   Junlin; Su, Xiaoqian; Zhang, Yuxing; Zhu, Bin
16 A   Comparative Study on the Effect of Upstream Trough on Intensity Changes of   Two Types of Tropical Cyclones during Extratropical Transition ASIA-PACIFIC   JOURNAL OF ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES 2020,   56(1):131-146 Liao,   Yue; Wang, Yongqing; Zhou, Jialing; Zhang, Xiunian
17 Recent   Changes in Heavy Precipitation Events in Northern Central China and   Associated Atmospheric Circulation ASIA-PACIFIC   JOURNAL OF ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES 2020 Han,   Tingting; Guo, Xinyi; Zhou, Botao; Hao, Xin
18 Impact   of the August Asian-Pacific Oscillation on Autumn Precipitation in Central   Eastern China ASIA-PACIFIC   JOURNAL OF ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES 2020 Lin,   Zouxing; Zhu, Jiajin; Hua, Wei; Fan, Guangzhou
19 Intensity   Change of NORU (2017) During Binary Tropical Cyclones Interaction ASIA-PACIFIC   JOURNAL OF ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES 2020 Li,   Lu; Ge, Xuyang
20 Decadal-to-Multidecadal   Variability of Seasonal Land Precipitation in Northern Hemisphere in   Observation and CMIP6 Historical Simulations ATMOSPHERE 2020,   11(2) Chen,   Hua; Xu, Zhenchen
21 A   Synergistic Effect of Blockings on a Persistent Strong Cold Surge in East   Asia in January 2018 ATMOSPHERE 2020,   11(2) Dong,   Wei; Zhao, Liang; Zhou, Shunwu; Shen, Xinyong
22 Influence   of Arctic Oscillation on Frequency of Wintertime Fog Days in Eastern China ATMOSPHERE 2020,   11(2) Liu,   Peng; Tang, Mingyue; Yu, Huaying; Zhang, Ying
23 Spatiotemporal   Trends of Aerosols over Urban Regions in Pakistan and Their Possible Links to   Meteorological Parameters ATMOSPHERE 2020,   11(3) Ali,   Gohar; Bao, Yansong; Ullah, Waheed; Ullah, Safi; Guan, Qin; Liu, Xulin; Li,   Lin; Lei, Yuhong; Li, Guangwen; Ma, Jun
24 Evaluation   of Meteorological Drought and Flood Scenarios over Kenya, East Africa ATMOSPHERE 2020,   11(3) Ayugi,   Brian; Tan, Guirong; Niu, Rouyun; Dong, Zeyao; Ojara, Moses; Mumo, Lucia;   Babaousmail, Hassen; Ongoma, Victor
25 Understanding   the Predictability within Convection-Allowing Ensemble Forecasts in East   China: Meteorological Sensitivity, Forecast Error Growth and Associated   Precipitation Uncertainties Across Spatial Scales ATMOSPHERE 2020,   11(3) Zhuang,   Xiaoran; Wu, Naigeng; Min, Jinzhong; Xu, Yuan
26 Efficient   Regional Hybrid Ensemble-Variational Data Assimilation using the   Global-Ensemble-Model Augmented Error Covariance for Numerical Weather   Prediction over Eastern China ATMOSPHERE 2020,   11(4) Wang,   Yuanbing; Chen, Yaodeng; Min, Jinzhong
27 The   Observation Path Problems and the Formation Conditions of the Elevated Layer   of Black Carbon Aerosol ATMOSPHERE 2020,   11(5) Jin,   Lianji; Lin, Liang; Ding, Deping; Zhao, Delong; Zhu, Bin; Zhai, Qingfei; Liu,   Zheng
28 Dynamic   Diagnosis of Stratospheric Sudden Warming Event in the Boreal Winter of 2018   and Its Possible Impact on Weather over North America ATMOSPHERE 2020,   11(5) Xie,   Jincai; Hu, Jinggao; Xu, Haiming; Liu, Shuai; He, Huan
29 WRF-Chem   Simulation of Winter Visibility in Jiangsu, China, and the Application of a   Neural Network Algorithm ATMOSPHERE 2020,   11(5) Zong,   Peishu; Zhu, Yali; Wang, Huijun; Liu, Duanyang
30 Diurnal   Characteristics of Gravity Waves over the Tibetan Plateau in 2015 Summer   Using 10-km Downscaled Simulations from WRF-EnKF Regional Reanalysis ATMOSPHERE 2020,   11(6) Qian,   Tingting; Zhang, Fuqing; Wei, Junhong; He, Jie; Lu, Yinghui
31 Cold   Waves in East China and Their Response to Two Types of Arctic Amplification ATMOSPHERE 2020,   11(6) Tao,   Wei; Ni, Yuman; Lu, Chuhan
32 Characterization   and Source Apportionment of Fine Particles during a Heavy Pollution Episode   over the Yangtze River Delta, China ATMOSPHERE 2020,   11(7) Xia,   Li; Zhu, Bin; Wang, Honglei; Kang, Hanqing; An, Junlin
33 Influence   of the Autumn SST in the Southern Pacific Ocean on Winter Precipitation in   the North American Monsoon Region ATMOSPHERE 2020,   11(8) Liu,   Ting; Li, Jianping; Wang, Qiuyun; Zhao, Sen
34 Prediction   Skill of Extended Range 2-m Maximum Air Temperature Probabilistic Forecasts   Using Machine Learning Post-Processing Methods ATMOSPHERE 2020,   11(8) Peng,   Ting; Zhi, Xiefei; Ji, Yan; Ji, Luying; Tian, Ye
35 Interdecadal   Variations in Extreme High-Temperature Events over Southern China in the   Early 2000s and the Influence of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation ATMOSPHERE 2020,   11(8) Zhu,   Baoyan; Sun, Bo; Li, Hua; Wang, Huijun
36 Two   Propagation Pathways of the Boreal Summer Quasi-Biweekly Oscillation of the   Atmospheric Heat Source Over the Tibetan Plateau ATMOSPHERE-OCEAN 2020,   58(1):60-78 Zhong,   Shanshan; Jia, Qiao; Zhu, Zhiwei; Zhang, Xinchang
37 Analysis   and attribution of total column ozone changes over the Tibetan Plateau during   1979-2017 ATMOSPHERIC   CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS 2020,   20(14):8627-8639 Li,   Yajuan; Chipperfield, Martyn P.; Feng, Wuhu; Dhomse, Sandip S.; Pope, Richard   J.; Li, Faquan; Guo, Dong
38 Pathway   dependence of ecosystem responses in China to 1.5 degrees C global warming ATMOSPHERIC   CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS 2020,   20(4):2353-2366 Yue,   Xu; Liao, Hong; Wang, Huijun; Zhang, Tianyi; Unger, Nadine; Sitch, Stephen;   Feng, Zhaozhong; Yang, Jia
39 To   what extents do urbanization and air pollution affect fog? ATMOSPHERIC   CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS 2020,   20(9):5559-5572 Yan,   Shuqi; Zhu, Bin; Huang, Yong; Zhu, Jun; Kang, Hanqing; Lu, Chunsong; Zhu,   Tong
40 Size-resolved   hygroscopic behaviour and mixing state of submicron aerosols in a megacity of   the Sichuan Basin during pollution and fireworks episodes ATMOSPHERIC   ENVIRONMENT 2020,   226 Yuan,   Liang; Zhang, Xiaoling; Feng, Miao; Liu, Xuan; Che, Yuzhang; Xu, Hanbing;   Schaefer, Klaus; Wang, Shigong; Zhou, Yunjun
41 Online   characterization of a large but overlooked human excreta source of ammonia in   China's urban atmosphere ATMOSPHERIC   ENVIRONMENT 2020,   230 Shao,   Sheng-Cheng; Zhang, Yan-Lin; Chang, Yun-Hua; Cao, Fang; Lin, Yu-Chi;   Mozaffar, Ahsan; Hong, Yi-Hang
42 Aerosol   data assimilation using data from Fengyun-4A, a next-generation geostationary   meteorological satellite ATMOSPHERIC   ENVIRONMENT 2020,   237 Xia,   Xiaoli; Min, Jinzhong; Shen, Feifei; Wang, Yuanbing; Xu, Dongmei; Yang, Chun;   Zhang, Peng
43 Insight   into the climatology of different sand-dust aerosol types over the Taklimakan   Desert based on the observations from radiosonde and A-train satellites ATMOSPHERIC   ENVIRONMENT 2020,   238 Pan,   Honglin; Huo, Wen; Wang, Minzhong; Zhang, Jiantao; Meng, Lu; Kumar, Kanike   Raghavendra; Devi, N. S. M. P. Latha
44 Investigating   the relationship between aerosol and cloud optical properties inferred from   the MODIS sensor in recent decades over East China ATMOSPHERIC   ENVIRONMENT 2020,   239 Huang,   Jing; Bu, Lingbing; Kumar, Kanike Raghavendra; Khan, Rehana; Devi, N. S. M.   P. Latha
45 Improved   fuzzy logic method to distinguish between meteorological and   non-meteorological echoes using C-band polarimetric radar data ATMOSPHERIC   MEASUREMENT TECHNIQUES 2020,   13(2):537-551 Zhang,   Shuai; Huang, Xingyou; Min, Jinzhong; Chu, Zhigang; Zhuang, Xiaoran; Zhang,   Hengheng
46 Retrieval   of gridded aerosol direct radiative forcing based on multiplatform datasets ATMOSPHERIC   MEASUREMENT TECHNIQUES 2020,   13(2):575-592 Wang,   Yanyu; Lyu, Rui; Xie, Xin; Meng, Ze; Huang, Meijin; Wu, Junshi; Mu, Haizhen;   Yu, Qiu-Run; He, Qianshan; Cheng, Tiantao
47 Metallic   elements emitted from industrial sources in Taiwan: Implications for source   identification using airborne PM ATMOSPHERIC   POLLUTION RESEARCH 2020,   11(4) Lin,   Yu-Chi; Hsu, Shih-Chieh; Lin, Shuen-Hsin; Huang, Yi-Tang
48 Prediction   of ozone hourly concentrations by support vector machine and kernel extreme   learning machine using wavelet transformation and partial least squares   methods ATMOSPHERIC   POLLUTION RESEARCH 2020,   11(6):51-60 Su,   Xiaoqian; An, Junlin; Zhang, Yuxin; Zhu, Ping; Zhu, Bin
49 Historical   evaluations and simulations of precipitation over East Africa from Rossby   centre regional climate model ATMOSPHERIC   RESEARCH 2020,   232 Ayugi,   Brian; Tan, Guirong; Gnitou, Gnim Tchalim; Ojara, Moses; Ongoma, Victor
50 Assimilation   of radar radial velocity data with the WRF hybrid 4DEnVar system for the   prediction of hurricane Ike (2008) ATMOSPHERIC   RESEARCH 2020,   234 Shen,   Feifei; Xu, Dongmei; Min, Jinzhong; Chu, Zhigang; Li, Xin
51 A   study of ensemble-sensitivity-based initial condition perturbation methods   for convection-permitting ensemble forecasts ATMOSPHERIC   RESEARCH 2020,   234 Zhang,   Xinyan; Min, Jinzhong; Wu, Tianjie
52 A   preliminary study on wind tunnel simulations of the explosive growth and   dissipation of fine particulate matter in ambient air ATMOSPHERIC   RESEARCH 2020,   235 Xu,   Jingxin; Zhu, Fahua; Wang, Sheng; Zhao, Xiuyong; Zhang, Ming; Ge, Xinlei;   Wang, Junfeng; Tian, Wenxin; Wang, Liwen; Yang, Liu; Ding, Li; Lu, Xiaobo;   Chen, Xinxin; Zheng, Youfei; Guo, Zhaobing
53 Gauging   the performance of CMIP5 historical simulation in reproducing observed gauge   rainfall over Kenya ATMOSPHERIC   RESEARCH 2020,   236 Mumo,   Lucia; Yu, Jinhua
54 Data   assimilation of a dense wind profiler network and its impact on convective   forecasting ATMOSPHERIC   RESEARCH 2020,   238 Wang,   Cheng; Chen, Yaodeng; Chen, Min; Shen, Jie
55 Characteristics   of summertime ambient VOCs and their contributions to O-3 and SOA formation   in a suburban area of Nanjing, China ATMOSPHERIC   RESEARCH 2020,   240 Mozaffar,   Ahsan; Zhang, Yan-Lin; Fan, Meiyi; Cao, Fang; Lin, Yu-Chi
56 The   impact of optimal selected historical forecasting samples on hybrid   ensemble-variational data assimilation ATMOSPHERIC   RESEARCH 2020,   242 Chen,   Yaodeng; Guo, Shan; Meng, Deming; Wang, Hongli; Xu, Dongmei; Wang, Yuanbing;   Wang, Jia
57 Causes   of the upper-level warm temperature anomaly (UWTA) associated with March-May   heavy rainfall in Tanzania ATMOSPHERIC   RESEARCH 2020,   242 Mafuru,   Kantamla Biseke; Guirong, Tan
58 A   radar reflectivity data assimilation method based on background dependent   hydrometeor retrieval: An observing system simulation experiment ATMOSPHERIC   RESEARCH 2020,   243 Chen,   Haiqin; Chen, Yaodeng; Gao, Jidong; Sun, Tao; Carlin, Jacob T.
59 Impacts   of the stochastic multicloud parameterization on the simulation of Western   North Pacific summer rainfall ATMOSPHERIC   RESEARCH 2020,   244 Ma,   Libin; Yang, Shuangyan
60 Cause   for quasi-biweekly oscillation of zonal location of western Pacific   subtropical high during boreal summer ATMOSPHERIC   RESEARCH 2020,   245 Yang,   Shuangyan; Li, Tim
61 Influence   of aerosols on lightning activities in central eastern parts of China ATMOSPHERIC   SCIENCE LETTERS 2020,   21(2) Shi,   Zheng; Wang, HaiChao; Tan, YongBo; Li, LuYing; Li, ChunSun
62 Distinctive   spring shortwave cloud radiative effect and its inter-annual variation over   southeastern China ATMOSPHERIC   SCIENCE LETTERS 2020,   21(6) Li,   Jiandong; You, Qinglong; He, Bian
63 Impacts   of terminal velocity on precipitation prediction and the error representation   of terminal velocity in ensemble forecasts ATMOSPHERIC   SCIENCE LETTERS 2020,   21(7) Wang,   Shizhang; Qiao, Xiaoshi
64 Interdecadal   relationship between the wintertime haze frequency over Beijing andmega-ENSO ATMOSPHERIC   SCIENCE LETTERS 2020 Wang,   Jing; Liu, Yanju; Ding, Yihui
65 ANTHROPOGENIC   INFLUENCE ON 2018 SUMMER PERSISTENT HEAVY RAINFALL IN CENTRAL WESTERN CHINA BULLETIN   OF THE AMERICAN METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY 2020,   101(1):S65-S70 Zhang,   Wenxia; Li, Wei; Zhu, Lianhua; Ma, Yuanyuan; Yang, Linyun; Lott, Fraser C.;   Li, Chunxiang; Dong, Siyan; Tett, Simon F. B.; Dong, Buwen; Sun, Ying
67 ANTHROPOGENIC   INFLUENCES ON THE PERSISTENT NIGHT-TIME HEAT WAVE IN SUMMER 2018 OVER   NORTHEAST CHINA BULLETIN   OF THE AMERICAN METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY 2020,   101(1):S83-S87 Ren,   Liwen; Wang, Dongqian; An, Ning; Ding, Shuoyi; Yang, Kai; Yu, Rong; Freychet,   Nicolas; Tett, Simon F. B.; Dong, Buwen; Lott, Fraser C.
68 Facilitating   International Collaboration on Climate Change Research BULLETIN   OF THE AMERICAN METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY 2020,   101(5):E650-E654 He,   Hao; Wang, Hailong; Guan, Zhaoyong; Chen, Haishan; Fu, Qiang; Wang, Muyin;   Dong, Xiquan; Cui, Chunguang; Wang, Likun; Wang, Bin; Chen, Gang; Li,   Zhanqing; Zhang, Da-Lin
69 High-resolution   anthropogenic ammonia emission inventory for the Yangtze River Delta, China CHEMOSPHERE 2020,   251 Yu,   Xingna; Shen, Li; Hou, Xinhong; Yuan, Liang; Pan, Yuepeng; An, Junlin; Yan,   Shuqi
70 Numerical   simulation of urban breeze circulation in a heavy pollution event in Chengdu   city CHINESE   JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICS-CHINESE EDITION 2020,   63(1):101-122 Zhu   Li; Miao JunFeng; Zhao TianLiang
71 The   characteristics and mechanism of Rossby-wave energy vertical propagation   crossing tropopause in South Asia High region CHINESE   JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICS-CHINESE EDITION 2020,   63(1):73-85 Yu   ZiXian; Guo Dong; Li LiPing; Shi ChunHua; Jin Xing; Li ZhenKun; Chen Dan; Lin   Xiang
72 Impacts   of decadal variability in sensible heat over the Tibetan Plateau on decadal   transition of summer precipitation over dominant regions of monsoon rainfall   band in eastern China since the early 2000s CHINESE   JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICS-CHINESE EDITION 2020,   63(2):412-426 Wang   Huan; Li DongLiang
73 The   interdependent relationship between the intensity of the South Asia High and   the vertical velocity in its adjacent region CHINESE   JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICS-CHINESE EDITION 2020,   63(9):3240-3250 Wang   HuiPing; Shi ChunHua; Guo Dong; Qin Hao
74 Two-way   interactions between MJO and high-frequency waves over the Maritime Continent   in MJOTF/GASS models CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020,   54:1217-1231 Zhu,   Yan; Li, Tim
75 Change   of El Nino and La Nina amplitude asymmetry around 1980 CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020,   54:1351-1366 Pan,   Xiao; Li, Tim; Chen, Mingcheng
76 Seasonal   forecasting of tropical cyclones in the North Indian Ocean region: the role   of El Nino-Southern Oscillation CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020,   54:1571-1589 Wahiduzzaman,   Md; Oliver, Eric C. J.; Wotherspoon, Simon J.; Luo, Jing-Jia
77 Effect   of vertical moist static energy advection on MJO eastward propagation:   sensitivity to analysis domain CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020,   54:2029-2039 Wang,   Lu; Li, Tim
78 Modeling   study of the destructive interference between the tropical Indian Ocean and   eastern Pacific in their forcing in the southern winter extratropical   stratosphere during ENSO CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020,   54:2249-2266 Rao,   Jian; Ren, Rongcai
79 Midlatitude   atmospheric transient eddy feedbacks influenced ENSO-associated wintertime   Pacific teleconnection patterns in two PDO phases CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020,   54:2577-2595 Chu,   Cuijiao; Hu, Haibo; Yang, Xiu-Qun; Yang, Dejian
80 The   MJO's impact on rainfall trends over the Congo rainforest CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020,   54:2683-2695 Raghavendra,   Ajay; Zhou, Liming; Roundy, Paul E.; Jiang, Yan; Milrad, Shawn M.; Hua,   Wenjian; Xia, Geng
81 Projection   and possible causes of summer precipitation in eastern China using   self-organizing map CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020,   54:2815-2830 Li,   Mei; Jiang, Zhihong; Zhou, Pu; Le Treut, Herve; Li, Laurent
82 Impact   of PDO and AMO on interdecadal variability in extreme high temperatures in   North China over the most recent 40-year period CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020,   54:3003-3020 Zhang,   Guwei; Zeng, Gang; Li, Chun; Yang, Xiaoye
83 Influence   of persistence and oceanic forcing on global soil moisture predictability CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020,   54:3375-3385 Zhu,   Siguang; Chen, Haishan; Dong, Xuan; Wei, Jiangfeng
84 Relative   importance of water vapor and air temperature in the interannual variation of   the seasonal precipitation: a comparison of the physical and statistical   methods CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020,   54:3655-3670 Tu,   Juqing; Lu, Er
85 Impact   of late spring Siberian snow on summer rainfall in South-Central China CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020,   54:3803-3818 Shen,   Haibo; Li, Fei; He, Shengping; Orsolini, Yvan J.; Li, Jingyi
86 Improved   historical simulation by enhancing moist physical parameterizations in the   climate system model NESM3.0 CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020,   54:3819-3840 Yang,   Young-Min; Wang, Bin; Cao, Jian; Ma, Libin; Li, Juan
87 Effect   of spring soil moisture over the Indo-China Peninsula on the following summer   extreme precipitation events over the Yangtze River basin CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020,   54:3845-3861 Gao,   Chujie; Li, Gen; Xu, Bei; Li, Xinyu
88 Impacts   of atmosphere-sea ice-ocean interaction on Southern Ocean deep convection in   a climate system model CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020,   54:4075-4093 Ma,   Libin; Wang, Bin; Cao, Jian
89 Effects   of high-frequency surface wind on the intraseasonal SST associated with the   Madden-Julian oscillation CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020,   54:4485-4498 Gao,   Yingxia; Hsu, Pang-Chi; Chen, Lin; Wang, Lu; Li, Tim
90 Joint   impact of North Pacific Victoria mode and South Pacific Quadrapole mode on   Pacific ITCZ summer precipitation CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020,   54:4545-4561 Li,   Xumin; Zhang, Wenjun; Ding, Ruiqiang; Shi, Liang
91 Influence   of wintertime surface sensible heat flux variability over the central and   eastern Tibetan Plateau on the East Asian winter monsoon CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020,   54:4589-4603 Chen,   Lian; Zhang, Renhe; Pryor, Sara C.; Li, Xiao; Wang, Hui
92 An   inter-basin teleconnection from the North Atlantic to the subarctic North   Pacific at multidecadal time scales CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020,   54:807-822 Gong,   Zhanqiu; Sun, Cheng; Li, Jianping; Feng, Juan; Xie, Fei; Ding, Ruiqiang;   Yang, Yun; Xue, Jiaqing
93 Relationships   between convective activity in the Maritime Continent and precipitation   anomalies in Southwest China during boreal summer CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020,   54:973-986 Xia,   Yang; Guan, Zhaoyong; Long, Yuan
94 Direct   impacts of different types of El Nino in developing summer on East Asian   precipitation CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020,   55(43957):1087-1104 Wen,   Na; Li, Laurent; Luo, Jing-Jia
95 Natural   discharge changes of the Naryn River over the past 265 years and their   climatic drivers CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020,   55(43957):1269-1281 Zhang,   Ruibo; Ermenbaev, Bakytbek; Zhang, Heli; Shang, Huaming; Zhang, Tongwen; Yu,   Shulong; Chontoev, Dogdurbek Toktosartovich; Satylkanov, Rysbek; Qin, Li
96 Indian   Ocean tripole mode and its associated atmospheric and oceanic processes CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020,   55(43957):1367-1383 Zhang,   Yazhou; Li, Jianpingi; Zhao, Sen; Zheng, Fei; Feng, Juan; Li, Yang; Xu, Yidan
97 A   robust relationship between multidecadal global warming rate variations and   the Atlantic Multidecadal Variability CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020,   55(44020):1945-1959 Li,   Zhiyu; Zhang, Wenjun; Jin, Fei-Fei; Stuecker, Malte F.; Sun, Cheng; Levine,   Aaron F. Z.; Xu, Haiming; Liu, Chao
98 On   the characteristics and climate effects of HV-WCP events over the Kuroshio   SST front during wintertime CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020,   55(44020):2123-2148 Bai,   Haokun; Hu, Haibo; Perrie, William; Zhang, Ning
99 El   Nino phase-dependent high-frequency variability in Western Equatorial Pacific CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020,   55(44020):2165-2184 Sun,   Ming; Li, Tim; Chen, Lin
100 Surface   mean temperature from the observational stations and multiple reanalyses over   the Tibetan Plateau CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020,   55(44084):2405-2419 Yan,   Yuping; You, Qinglong; Wu, Fangying; Pepin, Nick; Kang, Shichang
101 Interdecadal   modulation of ENSO amplitude by the Atlantic multi-decadal oscillation (AMO) CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020,   55(44084):2689-2702 Gong,   Yuhan; Li, Tim; Chen, Lin
102 Projecting   the future vegetation-climate system over East Asia and its RCP-dependence CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020,   55(44084):2725-2742 Liu,   Weiguang; Wang, Guiling; Yu, Miao; Chen, Haishan; Jiang, Yelin; Yang,   Meijian; Shi, Ying
103 Sub-seasonal   variability of surface soil moisture over eastern China CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020 Zhou,   Yang; Dong, Xuan; Chen, Haishan; Cao, Lu; Shao, Qing; Sun, Shanlei; Yang,   Ben; Rao, Jian
104 The   asymmetric impacts of ENSO modoki on boreal winter climate over the Pacific   and its rim CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020 He,   Linqiang; Hao, Xin; Han, Tingting
105 Can   summer monsoon moisture invade the Jade Pass in Northwestern China? CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020 Du,   Wentao; Kang, Shichang; Qin, Xiang; Ji, Zhenming; Sun, Weijun; Chen, Jizu;   Yang, Junhua; Chen, Deliang
106 Understanding   the bias in surface latent and sensible heat fluxes in contemporary AGCMs   over tropical oceans CLIMATE   DYNAMICS 2020 Zhou,   Xin; Ray, Pallav; Barrett, Bradford S.; Hsu, Pang-Chi
107 Conspicuous   temperature extremes over Southeast Asia: seasonal variations under 1.5   degrees C and 2 degrees C global warming CLIMATIC   CHANGE 2020,   160(3):343-360 Zhu,   Shoupeng; Ge, Fei; Fan, Yi; Zhang, Ling; Sielmann, Frank; Fraedrich, Klaus;   Zhi, Xiefei
108 Projected   precipitation changes over China for global warming levels at 1.5 degrees C   and 2 degrees C in an ensemble of regional climate simulations: impact of   bias correction methods CLIMATIC   CHANGE 2020 Guo,   Lianyi; Jiang, Zhihong; Chen, Deliang; Le Treut, Herve; Li, Laurent
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